Stories You’ve Heard – Press Release

Alexzandria S. — Stories You’ve Heard Release As of Wednesday, August 8th, Alexzandria S.’s Stories You’ve Heard has been released to the public. The singer-songwriter’s second record spans eleven tracks in forty-one minutes, and is a compilation of songs that have a similar purpose in sharing stories. Alexzandria S. hails from the Southeast United States... Continue Reading →


Fictionally False (Demo EP) – Release

Alexzandria S.'s new demo EP Fictionally False is now released! It can be streamed and downloaded from SoundCloud at, or streamed on Alexzandria's YouTube channel.

Fictionally False (Demo EP) – Press Release

Alexzandria S.’s Fictionally False is nearing its release of May 11th, 2018. The singer-songwriter’s second record is a compilation of demos that Alexzandria has recorded over the past year. The first single, “Just Can’t Look Away,” whose music video was released on April 27th, will accompany five other tracks on the EP. Alexzandria S. hails... Continue Reading →


December 17th, 2017             I don’t think I’ve ever truly gotten over you. Sure, I’ve let go of my hatred upon learning how unjustified it truly was, but have I truly forgot you? No, no I haven’t. If anything, I think about you even more now. I know how you look now. Sometimes, I’ll voluntarily... Continue Reading →

Floorboard Stories is out now!

Today is the day! Floorboard Stories has been released! Ah!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is finally released. Floorboard Stories is available on SoundCloud for streaming and download and YouTube for streaming. There's also a new page on the website dedicated to it under "Music." You can find the full... Continue Reading →

Floorboard Stories Release Party

Floorboard Stories Album Release Party: Friday December 1st, 7:00PM EST (GMC-5), @lexzee429 on Instagram. Come join Alexzandria for a celebration of the release of her first album, Floorboard Stories! She will be performing all eight tracks off the album during what will be an approximately one hour performance.  

Vanishing Live Performance

Saturday, November 18th, 4:00PM - 5:00PM EST (GMC-5). @lexzee429 on Instagram.  Come join singer-songwriter Alexzandria S. for a live show in which 7 out of 8 tracks off of Floorboard Stories will be performed before the album's release. The performance will be approximately one hour long, and is free for all to attend. After the... Continue Reading →


It seems that we are in the same boat.  I’m fearful, And you’re fearful. Our futures both depend on a three hour spectacle. But you seem strong And I feel weak. How do I become more like you? How do I face the unknown so strongly?   It seems that storms are heading towards us. The difficulty is... Continue Reading →

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