Head Trauma

We love to start

By acting like they have, “heart,”

For ruining their minds,

One step at a time.

And if they say anything hurts,

We’ll laugh them to the dirt.

We can’t possibly be wrong,

So why is there need for alarm?


We give them archives of pills,

And money for rich thrills,

And if they say the lights are too bright,

We’ll give them glasses for the night.

And when the sun goes down,

They’ll be sent off to town.

We’ll watch them fight, and fight again,

Playing our cards on who will win.


We watch them hit the walls,

Losing their minds as they fall.

Pretending we don’t notice,

The system can’t possibly be broken!

They’ll find the best killer,

When their life feels like winter.

They’ll drink all that they can;

No way they could be a man. 


We hear it just like yourself,

About their failing health.

Why even try to help?

Not like we’ve felt what they felt.

We mourn for a day,

Have a memorial in their name,

Say we won’t let it happen again,

And go right back to our old practices.


And maybe one day you’ll find

A single rose on the ice.

If you touch it — I dare you to —

You just might find the truth

Behind the words we say without meaning,

And all of our senseless grieving.

Perhaps you’ll find the solution

To bring their wounded souls resolution. 


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