About Me


Alexzandria S. is a singer-songwriter from the Southeast United States. Her music hinges
strongly on lyrics that have been written from empathy, accompanied by keyboard melodies and a variety of different sounds. Taking inspiration from the stories of others, Alexzandria creates an alternative style of music that is a blend between raw emotion and strict storytelling that requests the listener to take her words to heart.

As of winter 2017, Alexzandria has just released her first album, Floorboard Stories, on
December 1st, 2017. She is currently planning ways to promote the album, along with creating content for the songs, such as lyric and music videos.

Now that Floorboard Stories has been released, Alexzandria plans on continuing her growth as an artist. She wants to arrange a performance in front of a physical crowd, along with hosting consistent online performances through Instagram. She is currently hoping to continue writing more songs, and when the time comes, create her second record.

Alexzandria S.’s goal is to create music that will influence the listener, and be a starting point of conversation. She hopes that by releasing her first album, she will introduce people to stories that she finds important, and teach them a lesson about life.



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