About Me

Alexzandria S. is a singer-songwriter from the Southeast United States. Her music hinges strongly on descriptive, empathetic lyrics and melodies that are electronically generated to create various sounds. Taking her inspiration from stories – both real and fictional – Alexzandria creates an alternative-pop style of music that is a blend between raw emotion and strict storytelling, and asks the listener to take in every word and note.

As of spring 2018, Alexzandria has released her demo EP, Fictionally False. Her reasons for releasing the EP are to show her growth since her first album, Floorboard Stories, and to receive feedback on her sound. She has already released one music video for lead single “Just Can’t Look Away,” and wants to create more visual content for the album.

Alexzandria plans on releasing a few singles later in the year, giving updates on her musical progress while writing her second full-length record. She also wants to finally perform in front of a physical crowd, along with returning to hosting consistent online shows.

Alexzandria S.’s goal is to create music that influence the listener with the narratives they tell. She hopes by releasing her music, Alexzandria will introduce people to the stories that have impacted her life, no matter how small they may seem.




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